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News: April 1, 2008 - End of the line

As many of you have probably noticed by now, I no longer update this site. I have had a few "revival" plans for this site, but as i am no longer actively involved in the emulation scene these have all fell through. I will keep this site up for archival purposes for as long as the ads support the yearly costs, but unless a developer specifically requests a WIP to be made/posted it'll no longer be updated. I will however try to keep the latest official versions mirrored here. For a parting gift, here are three 'milestone' SVN builds of ZSNES, DO NOT request any help on these binaries whatsoever, as the binaries are untested by me and the code outdated. No sources will be released, as they are publicly available on SVN.

4538 is the last post-1.51 version before major core changes.

5124 is the last DOS version

5192 is the last version before the new QI GUI was implimented
Windows (Link fixed 11/25)

I would like to thank everybody who has helped make this site what it was.

First and most of all Kaede, who pushed me to make the site in the first place and has been a dear friend ever since
eSoul: for giving me my first mirror so people didn't have to endure the horror of my 26.4kbps dialup connection
All of the various hosts i have had over the years, without you guys this site would have died long ago
The entire ZSNES team for allowing me to join their developer community, and putting up with my pointless babble all these years
And of course everybody else who i have forgotten that has helped/encouraged me over the years!


News: ZSNES 1.51 Official is now available! (News ripped off from zsnes.com)

I'm pleased to announce the 73rd release of ZSNES - ZSNES v1.51.

This release is mostly a bunch of bug fixes for things new and altered in v1.51.

On the emulation side of things, we now finally have 224 lines displayed correctly, and some minor timing fixes. Major emulation core changes won't be until a future release.

I would like to thank all those who reported bugs and sent in patches for v1.50, we've fixed roughly 3 dozen problems that cropped up with v1.50, including issues with loading older save states and various save state saving/loading problems, so this release should now be quite stable.

For SDL users who had sound issues before, we've made some fixes to that, as well as added support for libao sound output. Run configure with --enable-libao to get the new sound options compiled in. See zsnes --help for a list of drivers you can use. Feel free to play with each one and see which works best for you, there should be something to make everyone happy. Note however that certain older Linux versions have a bug in their threading which would cause all libao drivers to not output sound. If you're having such an issue, install a new Kernel.

Also requested many times in the past was separate input for each game. I'm pleased to announce that with our new PSR language, adding this greatly desired feature was a cinch, so enjoy!

Lastly, people who have enjoyed the movie features with v1.50 should be happy to see that we've expanded them even more. For those of you dumping to raw or AVI, you're now able to specify a logo file to use in the config file. You're now also able to dump past the end of a ZMV.

And saving the best for last, there is now a custom multipass lossy dump option with decent default settings so you can dump really tiny good quality AVIs of your runs (and tweak dumping settings to your heart's content in zmovie.cfg).

The full changelog can be found bundled in the files, at zsnes.com, or here

News: ZSNES 1.50 Official is now available! (News ripped off from zsnes.com)

I am pleased to announce another long awaited release of ZSNES. This time around we made many improvements to the software in general, fixed, and added many new features.
We also have made several updates to the emulation fixing bugs that were never addressed before.

People who maintain packages for various distros should use "./configure --enable-release --disable-cpucheck force_arch=i586 " to build this release, see the documentation for more details.

Please read our large but but comparatively modest change log of all the changes we made.

Enjoy the release and happy holidays from the ZSNES Team.

The full changelog can be found bundled in the files, at zsnes.com, or here

News: ZSNES November 12 WIP is now available!

  • ALL: Reverted a fix for joystick 2 because it broke some games. [Jonas Quinn]
  • ALL: Updated the bg scroll registers. Michael Jordan - Chaos in the Windy City is fixed. Thanks to byuu for the information. [Jonas Quinn]
  • ALL: Player 2's default up key is now "J" instead of "K" (for your sanity). Also, the Keyboard/Gamepad option for the non-DOS ports has its option name expanded. [Deathlike]
  • ALL: Seta 11 support. Thanks anonymous donor and Jonas Quinn. [Nach]
  • ALL: Removed the "extra box" when clock or FPS counter is in use. Beware of the stack! [Deathlike]
  • ALL: Improved support for SRAM concerning second ST cart. [Nach]
  • ALL: Now got mapping done correctly for dual ST, no more special attack crashing. Note this code is messy and some things can be handled better. [Nach, Jonas Quinn]
  • W_S: Added more restrictions to the Set Custom Res button. The resolution is set+changed only when the res inputted is within the possible min/max. Also, when the button sets a resolution that is less than 298x224, it will automatically turn off Keep4_3Ratio. [Deathlike]
  • W_S: Fix the HQx mode from changing or possibly crashing ZSNES when toggling VSync or Triple Buffering. [Deathlike]
  • WIN: Removed resolution resizing while using the NTSC filter under a Windowed mode. [Deathlike]
  • SDL: Fixed weird battery stats on Linux with some strange Dell laptops. Thanks Dan for testing. [Nach]
  • SDL: Battery support for FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, DragonFlyBSD, and FreeBSD derivitives such as Debian's kFreeBSD. [Nach]
  • SDL: Battery code now works for Mac OS X too. [drizztbsd, Nach]
  • SDL: Fixes for Mac OS X. [Nach]
  • SDL: Make stack non executable for ELF. Thanks drizztbsd. [Nach]
  • SDL: Made touch usage more compatible, also upped zlib version requirement. [Nach]
  • SDL: 1024x896 ODR W should have been able to use HQ2x in the first place. [Deathlike]
  • SDL: Fixed display for OpenGL modes for pressing the "+" button in the GUI state selection screen and frame/auto-frame skip screen. Some archaic code cleanup. [Deathlike]
  • DOS: Cleaning up handling of input in zloader. Can now set via command line player 1 and 2 to any input in DOS. [Nach]
  • MOV: Always delete old MZTs when creating a new ZMV. [Nach]
  • MOV: Fixed crash when recording a movie from reset. [Nach]
  • MOV: Movie appending now works if append data is there (basically there if you create a movie after this commit). [Nach]
  • MOV: Some cleanup to movie related code. Movie stopping is now prepped to allow appending. [Nach]
  • MOV: MZTs naming improvement, as well as code cleanup. Can now use 100 states there too. [Nach]
  • GUI: Now selected input is highlighted in input selection box. [Nach, Jonas Quinn]
  • GUI: For the sake of the GUI, some reordering had to be done. While doing this, I have unleashed the untested 5th player option for the parallel port. Make sure to reset your gamepad selection in the DOS port. [Deathlike]
  • GUI: Fixed a cosmetical issue in the F3 menu after hitting up or down. [Jonas Quinn]
  • GUI: Pgup/Pgdown now increments/decrements the GUI state slot loader. [Deathlike]
  • GUI: Slot level selection is now available for the GUI save selector. [Deathlike]
  • SRC: statefileloc is dead. Now ZSTs numbers are handled nicely [Deathlike, Nach]
  • SRC: Code Cleanup/Trimming/Optimization [Nach, Jonas Quinn, Deathlike]
  • SRC: Optimizations to deinterleave code. Fixed a minor issue with split ROMs. [Nach]