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Note: these changes are since the latest WIP (or RC) at the time. Full changelogs between official versions can be found in the files. Also, i can't seem to find the 1.41 RC's, but i'll keep looking.

January 19 2005 - 1.42 Official

  • SDL: DESTDIR support [theoddone33]
  • DOS: Fixed label for Fullscreen/Widescreen options [ipher]
  • ALL: Correctd output of BRR decode for invalid range values (>12). [TRAC]
  • ALL: Fixed sustain level 4 (5/8). [TRAC]
  • ALL: More window boxes now have borders [ipher]
  • ALL: Close zip files properly when IPS is not found in zip. [Nach]
  • ALL: Rollback of "Improved accuracy of base rates used for ADSR, GAIN, noise, and echo emulation." [ipher]
  • ALL: New reminder text [grinvader, AspiringSquire]
  • SRC: Ported rewind to C (thanks Nach, TRAC). [grinvader]
  • SRC: Cleaned up some code [Nach, ipher, grinvader]

January 17 2005 - 1.41 Official

  • SRC: Added gnuwin32 info [Nach]
  • SRC: Replaced e-mails with websites [Nach]
  • SRC: Removed zsnes.dsw [Nach]
  • DOS: Changed "Fullscreen" and "Wide Screen" shortcut to "C" [ipher]
  • DOS: Eagle Engine now correctly shows the shortcut as "I" [ipher]

January 14 2005 - 1.41 RC2

  • SDL: Fixed video labels, Organized video output in config. [Nach]
  • SDL: Enabled HQ2x on Variable ODR. [Nach]
  • ALL: New one-time user reminder text. [grinvader]
  • SDL: Fixed buffer underflow in sound code when rate was changed several times. (Bug #1096817) [Nach]
  • SDL: 256x224 R Full for is now actually 256x224, not 320x240. (thanks Pieter Hulshoff!) [ipher]
  • ALL: More boxes have borders now! [ipher]
  • ALL: Fixed framerate GUI bug (Bug #1101451), and minor comment update in dosintrf.asm [ipher]
  • SRC: Code cleanup [Nach]
  • ALL: Small fix in command-line output to follow the about box text. [grinvader]
  • W/S: Changed some text in netplay window to be more clear that we are using TCP mode insted of UDP [pagefault]
  • ALL: Percent of execution now takes h-blank values into consideration when calculating new execution time [pagefault]
  • DOS: Changed "Sidewinder Fix" shortcut to I, so it won't conflict with "Use Small Text" shortcut [ipher]
  • SRC: Trashed special MSVC makefile and link. [Nach]
  • SRC: Updated build instrctions for ZSNESW. [Nach]

January 12 2005 - 1.41 RC1

  • Stereo settings obeys config file. (Bug #1051208) [Nach]
  • Filtered GUI enabled by default. [Nach]
  • Fixed GUI escape stack corruption if .srm file could not be written to. (Bug #1098707) [Nach]
  • Win32/SDL only: Get_Date() now returns proper value. [Nach] (it always returned the proper value in DOS)
  • ZSNES no longer hacks itself in order to access variables, this elliminates a few issues we had. [Nach]
  • Source code cleanup. [Nach]
  • Updated about box. [Nach, ipher]
  • Fixed Winter Gold FX crash. [Nach]
  • Option to enable/disable auto IPS patching. [Nach, ipher]
  • SDL: Homepage button to open browser now appears in about box. [Nach]
  • Makefile overhaul, ZSNES can now be cross compiled. [Nach, ipher, malcster, SamB]
  • WIN: Correct timing when compiled with MinGW (Special thanks to Jonas Quinn for all his help in getting ZSNESW compiled with MinGW and working). [Nach]
  • WIN: More informative error messages when some DirectX component fails to load. [Nach]
  • WIN: Return 0 instead of random value on exit (keeps certain frontends happy). (Bug #1091550) [Nach]
  • Organized options menu, and split off save related options into it's own menu. [ipher]
  • Saving last ROM info to rominfo.txt can now be turned off. [ipher, Nach]
  • Fixed some invalid memory reads. (Bug #1091768) [Nach]
  • SDL: Fixed a memory leak. [Nach]
  • Ported config file creation/loading to C. [MKendora, Nach]
  • Save location can now be edited in the GUI. [Nach]
  • SDL: Save files can now be correctly saved in locations other than ~/.zsnes. [Nach]
  • Improved accuracy of base rates used for ADSR, GAIN, noise, and echo emulation. [TRAC]
  • Moved Super System DIP switches to Chip Config. [ipher]
  • SDL: Updated video selection menu. [ipher, Nach, Aerdan]
  • SDL: Added 1280x1024. [ipher]
  • Win32: Fixed keyboard shortcut for "Trap Mouse Cursor" [ipher]
  • Overhauled toaster support. [Nach]
  • SDL: 640x480 ODS Full for is now actually 640x480, not 512x448. [ipher]

December 25 2004 - 1.40 Offical

  • Some sound code rollback, fixes problems when using ALSA. (Linux) [Nach]

December 22 2004 - 1.40 RC4

  • Interleave code cleanup. [Nach]
  • Win32 port can now also be compiled with MinGW. Some cleanup. [Nach]
  • Fixes key bound to burning effect in GUI. [grinvader]
  • Small fix in about box. [grinvader]
  • Fixed some BS problems, removed old code. [Nach]
  • Removed SuperFX interleave support, Removed really old interleave code, Replaced 48Mb interleave asm monstrosity with much smaller C monster. [Nach]
  • Code cleanup, fixed jumps. [Nach]
  • Come on guys, if you're data act like it. [Nach]
  • Removed unneeded EXTSYMs. [Nach]
  • Let's allocate variables properly. [Nach]

December 08 2004 - 1.40 RC3

  • Cleaned up grinvader's changes, removed some really insane museam worthy code. [Nach]
  • Fixed some of our zmv recording problems. [Nach]
  • Fixed the JMA directory (only in my Source release) [ipher]
  • Removed the worthless zsnes.upx file (only my ZSNESW release) [ipher]
  • Removed SPC7110 logger and SDD1 test. [grinvader]
  • Fixed a slew of SRAM problems. [Nach]
  • Fixed up netplay handling of chips with dedicated SRAM, sends proper buffer [Nach]
  • Fixed Seta 10, thanks zinx. [Nach]
  • Removed ROM info that appears when loading via command line [Nach]
  • Fixed some issues when loading ROMs via command line [Nach]

December 07 2004 - 1.40 RC2

  • Yes we are v1.40 now. [Nach]
  • Filtered GUI option fix when HQ2x is enabled [MaxSt]
  • Sanitized input menu handling finally. [Nach]
  • Fixed netplay for Linux [Nach]
  • Hid save path box. [Nach]
  • Scale2x dummy no longer displayed. [Nach]
  • Color Add/Sub fixes. Thanks TRAC. [Nach]
  • No more S-DD1 packs. No more S-DD1 logging. [grinvader]

December 04 2004 - 1.40 RC1

  • Workaround for newer glibc [Ben Ford]
  • JMA support [Nach]
  • SuperFX Updates [pagefault]
  • SDD-1 Decompression Support [anomie, Nach, and _Demo_]