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October 24 2004 WIP

  • Minor Comment update [ipher]
  • FF3u hack no longer discriminates against the Japanese version. [Nach]
  • Battery fixes (unforunetly ZSNES is too complex for a full fix right now). [Nach]
  • SuperFX2 Updates [pagefault]

October 18 2004 WIP

  • General Code Cleanup [pagefault]
  • Fixed a strange crashing bug in 239 line games when interpolation is enabled [pagefault]
  • More accurate way of calculating timing for CPU cycles [pagefault]
  • Remove warning about 32 bpp since it is no longer an issue [pagefault]
  • Starfox 2 flickering Fixed [pagefault]
  • Made battery for SFX more meaningful, fixed SRAM not being cleared. [Nach]
  • SuperFX 20mhz timing fix [pagefault]
  • Fixed GUI laggyness problems hopefully. (Linux) [pagefault]
  • Reset now doesn't reset parts of RAM that shouldn't be. [Nach]
  • Begin work of socket server for automation [pagefault]
  • Update copyright date and change text to 'ZSNES Team' on startup [pagefault, ipher]
  • -z now disables stereo sound insted of enabling it, because it is on by default anyway [pagefault]
  • Updated -m in help to be more specific [pagefault]
  • SDL port is now way more CPU usage friendly, no longer uses 100% [kode54, pagefault]
  • Removed breakpoints for Mario Chip 1 and GSU-1. [Nach]
  • Fixed the DSP-1 not getting unloaded error. [Nach]

September 20 2004 WIP

  • Got input boxes to have a blinking cursor, boy was that rough [Nach]

September 07 2004 WIP

  • Fixed ROM enlargement by IPS when IPS is out of order. [Nach]

August 03 2004 WIP

  • Prevented hitting of set keys if controller is set to none. [Nach]
  • Locked setting of individual keys if no controller selected. [Nach]
  • Fixed some lines of the screen with HQ filters. [MaxSt]

July 17 2004 WIP

  • Seta 10 Support [Nach, Overload, The Dumper, MKendora, Feather, pagefault]
  • Video menu input overhaul. [MaxSt]

July 01 2004 WIP (Linux Only)

  • Fixed HQ2x in Linux. [zinx]

June 09 2004 WIP

  • Code cleanup, Op 5 fix. (DSP-2) [Nach]
  • Input support update. (Linux) [Nach]

May 31 2004 WIP

  • Case-fix for YASM [ipher]
  • Enable stereo sound by default [pagefault]
  • Work around a 1.36 ZST bug [pagefault]
  • Fixed savestates with older versions [pagefault]
  • You can now start recording in the middle of a movie [pagefault]
  • Fixed bug in appending movies [pagefault]
  • Fixed a frameskipping bug in the dos port [pagefault]

May 08 2004 WIP

  • Much better SPC7110 pack loading code. [Nach]
  • Fixed checksum calc on 24Mb SPC7110 ROMs - again. [Nach]
  • ROM info now dumped to rominfo.txt on game load. [Nach]
  • Fixed path input crashing bug. [Nach]
  • Fixed PNG height. [Nach]
  • NSRT Header support. [Nach]
  • Fix minimize bug [pagefault]
  • Add the name of the start address to the error message when mprotect fails. [theoddone33]
  • Update config.sub. This allows configuration on 64 bit targets, and requires autogen.sh to be rerun. [theoddone33]
  • Using secondary sound buffer in Win32 again. [Nach, ipher]

May 01 2004 WIP

  • SPC7110 and SDD-1 timing update, we now do this properly [pagefault]
  • Updated authors.txt, support.txt, thanks.txt, and todo.txt [pagefault]
  • Add StatMat to the authors list [pagefault]
  • Rename linux version to SDL and win to win32 [pagefault]
  • New disable screensaver code [pagefault]
  • Yay more timing updates. More things work. [pagefault]
  • effects obj files now deleted with "make clean" [ipher]
  • Fix snapshot filenames [StatMat]
  • Fix rewind when using commandline filename [StatMat]
  • Add use of DirectSound primary buffer in win port [StatMat]
  • Netplay fixed [pagefault]
  • DSP 2 support [Overload, kentaro-k.21, pagefault]
  • Fix some weird emulation bugs [pagefault]
  • Savestate incrementor fix, this caused some crashes in linux [pagefault]
  • Updated icon [cdbsi]

March 13 2004 WIP

  • Added Darkfalz's aspect ratio code. [Nach]
  • A couple things for the start of beos compatibility. [theoddone33]

February 13 2004 WIP

  • Added path setup window [Nach]
  • Chip configuration window added [Pagefault]
  • Added chip config window [Nach]
  • Added support for Same Game add-ons to use Same Game base. [Nach]
  • Added support for Sufami Turbo - but only one cart for now. [Nach]
  • Cleaned up Base+Add on code. [Nach]
  • Fix 5th joystick in windows port [Pagefault]
  • Fixed 60hz mode [Pagefault]
  • Fixed a config file corruption bug if ROM doesn't load correctly. [Nach]
  • Fixed checksum and CRC32 on add on ROMs. [Nach]
  • Fixed config drop down box, documented it. [Nach]
  • Fixed G-Next pack Checksum calculation. [Nach]
  • Fixed loading another ROM after previous ROM didn't load. [Nach]
  • Fixed mapping issue. Added support for SD Gundam GX add ons. [Nach]
  • Fixed SPC initialization issue, fixes Panic Bomber Worlds and others [Pagefault]
  • Fixed SRAM issue. [Nach]
  • Fixed syntax bug. [Nach]
  • Fixed ZSNES crash/bad exit, if ROM fails to load. [Nach]
  • Made handling of base cart paths more logical codewise. [Nach]
  • Oops, couldn't save more than one SPC per game before, fixed. [Nach]
  • SETA ST010 Support (Thanks The Dumper!) [Pagefault]
  • Update documentation [Pagefault]
  • Using SamB's idea. [Nach]