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November 26 2005 WIP

  • ALL: Moved 3 variables over to packed types. Some optimization. [Nach]
  • SDL: Make most common sound case first. [TRAC]
  • SDL: Made sound processing use less CPU cycles. [Nach]
  • MOV: Corrected how movie dumping is handled in various circumstances. [Nach]
  • MOV: Added PCM audio dumping (only works at stereo 32000) (Thanks Bisqwit for code to get sample generation amount correct). [Nach]
  • SRC: Finished support for packed arrays. Fixed a parse bug. (parsegen) [Nach]
  • SRC: Pentium4m was off by a minor version. (archopt) [Nach]

November 09 2005 WIP

  • ALL: Fixed BG latches for modes 2 and 4 to be 13 bit (fixes Star Fox). [pagefault]

November 05 2005 WIP

  • ALL: Updated BG scroll register behaviour using anomie's formula. Got it done thanks to pagefault, too. [grinvader]
  • ALL: Fixed small screen extra line issues (fixes Super Metroid annoying line issue). [pagefault]
  • ALL: Fixes for DMA, so we can have the recent improvements without breaking tons of other game. (SSF2, SFA2, FFMQ, TOP, CT, YI, Probably others). [pagefault]
  • SDL: SCons now using parsegen the right way [Snarius]
  • TOL: Architecture detection tool which may be used for various purposes. [Nach]
  • SRC: Updated tools compile info and 'make tools' for new tool. [grinvader]
  • SRC: Typo fix in todo list. [grinvader]
  • SRC: Cleanup (whitespace & useless EXTSYM). [grinvader]

October 31 2005 WIP

  • ALL: Some DSP-3 stuff before I go mad. [Nach]
  • ALL: More x86-64 fixes. [Nach]
  • WIN: Fixed bug in highres mode with HQ4x. [MaxSt]
  • SDL: Major update to the autoconf script: cleanup and a nifty cpu detection code by Nach to optimize architecture properly with most cpus. [grinvader]
  • SRC: Updated the configure script. [grinvader]
  • SRC: Added ifndef to preproccessor. Really cleaned up the source. Added framework for upcoming features. Outputted file is now optimized a bit. (parsegen) [Nach]

October 20 2005 WIP

  • ALL: Reenable all sound channels on state load, removed some useless code. [Nach]
  • ALL: SPC filenames are no longer truncated if there is a dot in the filename. [Jonas Quinn]
  • ALL: Hacks can now be disabled via command line (-dh). [Jonas Quinn]
  • W_S: As requested, 'Gamepad' instead of 'Joystick'... [grinvader]
  • SDL: Fixed bug in secure browser launcher. (Thanks Matt Messier!) [Nach]
  • WIN: 1680x1050 FDR is really FDR now (not FDS) [Aerdan]
  • GUI: Fixed cosmetic bug in cheat window when removing cheats (bug #15). [Jonas Quinn]
  • SRC: Cleanup [Jonas Quinn]
  • SRC: Get_Date returns correct year now [Jonas Quinn]

October 13 2005 WIP

  • ALL: Made gui option save config override dontsave option. Fixed bug #13. [Nach]
  • SRC: Cleanup and consolidation [Nach]
  • WIN: Added 1680x1050 FDR [Aerdan]

October 08 2005 WIP

  • ALL: Auto-increase save slot now shows the right slot onscreen, and works while recording movies as well. [grinvader]
  • ALL: SPC700 and DMA fixes [pagefault]
  • ALL: Fixed SRAM Check+Save once and for all. [Jonas Quinn]
  • ALL: Stupid (and old) mistake successfully corrected after manual tracking, fixed bug #52, and probably lots of other sound issues upon state load... Thanks to Jonas Quinn for helping. [grinvader]
  • ALL: Fixed sound after loading certain savestates. [Jonas Quinn]
  • ALL: Fixed crash when mmx is disabled and 25% scanlines with interpolation is enabled (bug #142). [Jonas Quinn]
  • ALL: Added Jonas Quinn to the Developer list in the about menu [Nach]
  • W_L: Notebook battery status option is now availabe in the Misc Keys window (Thanks to David Lee Lambert for code used in Linux port with this) [pagefault, Nach]
  • SDL: Removed dangerous checking of enviroment variable for user's home path. [Nach]
  • WIN: Added, 1600x1200 FDR/FDS. [Aerdan]
  • WIN: Fixed corrupted graphics when alt-tabbing [pagefault]
  • MOV: Powercycling sequence corrected, should now work with everything - thanks to pagefault for pointing out the errors [grinvader]
  • SRC: Cleaner code for repackfunct, it was rather pitiful. [grinvader]
  • SRC: Little source cleanup in spc700.asm [grinvader]
  • SRC: Removed some alignment dependancy, removed some archaic code such as Dracula X hack. [Nach]
  • SRC: Some cleanup [Nach]

September 09 2005 WIP

  • ALL: Fix some randomness in the SPC core for now [pagefault]
  • ALL: Screen refresh when loading a state/rewind during frame advance disabled for now to remove the (hopefully) last random generation. [grinvader]
  • WIN: Added 1600x1200 WD and WDS. [Aerdan]

September 04 2005 WIP

  • ALL: Frame-by-frame prev-prev rewind loading made more convenient to use. [grinvader]
  • ALL: Panic key now resets emuspeed throttle. [grinvader]
  • ALL: Fixed up SA-1 mapping. (Fixes Bug #114) [Nach, Jonas Quinn]
  • GUI: Fixed vars in bss section that had no space reserved. (Fixes Bug #18) [Jonas Quinn]
  • SDL: Fixed possible problem in the secure browser launcher. [Nach]

August 22 2005 WIP

  • GUI: The Scanlines option should now show up in the DOS port. [ipher]
  • GUI: Video filters that do not work without MMX are now hidden in the Video menu when MMX is disabled or not available [ipher]
  • SRC: Updated makefiles. Minor src cleanup. [Jonas Quinn]

July 24 2005 WIP

  • ALL: ZSNES now decodes shift-jis headers correctly... but the font is still limited to 5x5. [grinvader]
  • ALL: Improved loading of small ROMs. [Nach]
  • SDL: New resolutions for SDL port. [Aerdan]
  • SDL: Optimisation to frame draw code, only draw frames that change. [pagefault]
  • SDL: Optimized pagefault's draw frame code. [Nach]
  • SDL: Updated configure CPU detection (still terrible for Athlon non 64 CPUs though >_<). [Nach]
  • SDL: Put in object converter to convert NASM ELF32 output to ELF x86-64. [Nach]
  • SDL: Made x86-64 get -k8 Optimization, Intel CPUs can go jump in a lake for now.[Nach]
  • SRC: Removed duplicate code. [Nach]
  • SRC: Changed strcpy() to memmove() in filename change because destinations can overlap. [Nach]
  • SRC: Fixed looking for data all over the place on files which are too small. [Nach]
  • SRC: Make sure MSVC knows it's running on Windows. Have MSVC clean up it's worthless object files after itself. [Nach]
  • SRC: Removed useless spaces. Removed addrni.asm from Sconstruct and updated the build instructions for the tools. [Jonas Quinn]
  • SRC: New tool in. New ignore for tools, so that cvs stops yapping. [grinvader]
  • SRC: New tool used. Also, silly variable names removed from source. [grinvader]
  • SRC: 'spcRam' -> 'SPCRAM'. Prerequisite for new SPC stuff. [grinvader]
  • SRC: Fixed the rampant GCC4 warnings. [Nach]
  • SRC: Made generated files use proper signs. [Nach]

July 10 2005 WIP

  • ALL: ST second cart now supported (via command line). [Nach]
  • ALL: Converted data config file to text, added new parser stuff. Should no longer need to delete config files all the time. [Nach]
  • ALL: Pause emu key defaulted to 'P' [grinvader]
  • ALL: Fixed some bugs in the Video code. Fixes CT Black Omen bug and perhaps others. [Nach]
  • ALL: Moved all code into executable segments so ZSNES should now work on processors that use NX bit and OS that enforce it. [Nach]
  • ALL: SPC700 init to ffc0 [byuu]
  • ALL: Video code is much smarter at detecting when a window is present and when is not - Earthbound fixed. [pagefault]
  • ALL: Option to allow Up+Down/Left+Right for speedruns' sake. [grinvader]
  • ALL: Misc core fixes. [pagefault]
  • SDL: Fix debug compile flags so it doesn't crash [pagefault]
  • SDL: Ok, SConstruct hopefully up to date. [Aerdan]
  • SDL: Game60hzCall ported to C, fixes OpenBSD. [pagefault]
  • WIN: Fixed saving of config files on ALT-F4 exit [Jonas Quinn]
  • GUI: Changed the Select Comparison options' hotkeys from >, <, =, N to N, E ,W, A. [ipher]
  • GUI: Added Menu hotkeys [ipher]
  • GUI: Fixed the Save Window Pos. option (Thanks Jonas Quinn!) [ipher]
  • SRC: Added error message if hard IPS patching fails. [Nach]
  • SRC: Massive source cleanup and portage (Check CVS for specifics) [grinvader, Nach, ipher, Jonas Quinn, pagefault]
  • SRC: Commited the ZSNES development toolkit. [Nach, grinvader]
  • SRC: Updated todo list. Lets maintain it. [pagefault, grinvader, Nach]

May 19 2005 WIP

  • ALL: Graphics engine updates, fixes ToP intro and some other stuff [pagefault]
  • ALL: Added variable FastForward/Slowdown options, and a Emulation Speed slider. [ipher, grinvader]
  • ALL: Rewind interval is now a multiple of 1/5 seconds [grinvader]
  • ALL: Added Pause After Loading State and Pause After Rewind options to the Save menu [Nach, ipher]
  • ALL: Fixed preproccessor code [Nach]
  • ALL: Panic key now resets offset mode and windowing state [pagefault]
  • ALL: Fixed some issues during Pause [Nach]
  • ALL: Fixed some issues during frame increment [grinvader]
  • ALL: New caps on rewind. [grinvader]
  • ALL: Lower memory usage. [Nach]
  • WIN: Renamed the ZSNESW window from ZSNESWIN to ZSNES [pagefault]
  • SDL: Fixed various save files not working correctly when loading ROM via command line. [Nach]
  • DOS: Fixed space bar video change problem. [Nach]
  • DOS: Can now rewind. [Nach, ipher]
  • MOV: Added Append (dummy) and Dump Raw movie (GUI, CL) options [Nach, ipher]
  • MOV: States in movies are now compressed [Nach]
  • MOV: Added initial state of input configuration to header. [Nach]
  • MOV: Added mouse support and Super Scope support (buggy) to movies. [Nach]
  • MOV: Movies now record average speed. [grinvader]
  • GUI: Changed "Game Keys" to "Misc Keys" [Nach]
  • GUI: Added Speed Option window, moved all speed related options there. [ipher, grinvader]
  • GUI: Added keyboard shortcuts to Add-Ons, Chip Cfg, and Movie Option windows. [ipher]
  • GUI: Grayed out all Netplay options, they are no longer selectable at all. [ipher]
  • GUI: Fixed some random errors. [grinvader]
  • GUI: Some minor improvements. [ipher]
  • SRC: Partial cleanup/reorganization of the GUI code. Lots of little things fixed. [ipher]
  • SRC: Removed dead code [Nach]
  • SRC: Worked around an odd NASM bug. Thanks MxC and Noxious Ninja. [Nach]
  • SRC: Cleanup [ipher, grinvader, Nach]

April 11 2005 WIP

  • ALL: Returning from GUI while paused now restores game screen. [Nach]
  • ALL: Better code in zstate.c, should fix the 'dash issue' [grinvader]
  • ALL: Selectable amount of rewind states no longer dummy, fixed loading rewind when none left.[Nach]
  • ALL: Low CPU usage when emulation paused. [grinvader]
  • ALL: New caps for rewind state number and frequency. [grinvader]
  • ALL: Removed Netplay... for now. [Nach, grinvader]
  • WIN: Primary Buffer Option now works properly [Jonas Quinn]
  • GUI: Moved "Rewind" shortcut option to the Save Options window [ipher]
  • GUI: Fixed the size of the black box for the Rewind States option. [ipher]
  • SRC: Updated Win32 cross compiler [Nach]
  • SRC: Pruning of ~6 years of useless EXTSYMs *whew* [Nach, grinvader]
  • SRC: Fixed jumping mechanism to be more correct. [Nach]

April 04 2005 WIP

  • ALL: Major framerate improvement when using new graphics engine [pagefault]
  • ALL: Sets % to execute like the ASM used to. [grinvader]
  • ALL: Pass some more tests on the test cart [pagefault]
  • ALL: Adjusted openbus behaviour of registers, this is a WIP so bleh [pagefault]
  • ALL: Added detection code for MMX2 [pagefault]
  • ALL: Fixed a logic bug in windowing/transparency code (Bug #24) [pagefault]
  • ALL: Check extended CPUID for MMX extensions on Athlon (pre XP) processors [pagefault]
  • ALL: Added pause and frame increment buttons [Nach, ipher]
  • ALL: Key combo issues for P5 fixed [grinvader, ipher]
  • ALL: Fixed Mode 4 rendering (TG3K and DKC3 are among those that were affected). [pagefault]
  • ALL: Updated BG scroll latch behaviour. [pagefault]
  • ALL: Fixed windowing bugs. [pagefault]
  • ALL: Fixed sprite and subscreen logic. [pagefault]
  • ALL: Loop count fix. [grinvader]
  • ALL: Updated commandline parameters; added movie options, merged between ports. [Nach]
  • SDL: Fixed logic in home path. [Nach]
  • SDL: Fixed NTSC timer. [pagefault]
  • SA1: Improved the core. [pagefault]
  • DSP4: More optimizations, fixed attractor (thanks Mr. Anonymous) [Nach]
  • GUI: Text within boxes in the Netplay window now have shadows. Cursor shadow still to come! [ipher]
  • GUI: Some menues cleaned up/reorganized. [ipher]
  • JMA: Fixed some bugs in decompression. Improved performance. Lower memory requirements. Support for JMA v1 files. [Nach]
  • ZMV: Improved format with compression and info stored. Can now rerecord via save states or rewind. Can add and seek chapters. Can show frame count. Multiple start methods. Can record reset in a movie. Brought back our old desynability from v0.9xx. [Nach, grinvader, ipher]
  • ZMV: Subtitles handled better. [Nach]
  • ZST: Old save states working again. [Nach]
  • SRC: No return statement in the middle of a function! [pagefault]
  • SRC: Started porting memmap code to C [grinvader]
  • SRC: Layed out ground work to make memmap code easier to read and work with. [Nach]
  • SRC: Call NASM.EXE instead of NASMW.EXE, for all MS builds. [Nach]

February 28 2005 WIP

  • ALL: Further improved DSP-4 support. (TG3000 now playable!) [Nach, pagefault]
  • SRC: Call NASMW.EXE instead of NASM.EXE, for all MS builds. [pagefault]
  • SRC: Port of showinfogui to C, now really easy to maintain. [grinvader]

February 24 2005 WIP

  • ALL: Added support for subtitles while playing a ZMV. [Nach]
  • ALL: Buggy DSP-4 support. [The Dumper, Matthew Kendora, Overload, Neviksti, Lancer, Nach, Anonymous]
  • ALL: Proper SPC RAM init on reset. [pagefault, Nach]
  • ALL: Added "Half Seconds Per Rewind" option (in Save Options). [ipher, Nach]
  • ALL: Very small changing to timing table [pagefault]
  • ALL: Fixed transparency in warp effect in FF3 [pagefault]
  • SDL: scons support [theoddone33]
  • SDL: Configure script fix for Gentoo users, and debug builds now use -O0, because we can. [grinvader]
  • GUI: Cleanup & general enhancements [ipher, Nach, pagefault, grinvader]
  • SRC: Ported some of ui.asm to C [theoddone33, Nach, grinvader, TheDanish]
  • SRC: Movie code ported to C [grinvader]

February 10 2005 WIP

  • WIN: Added Use Primary Buffer option [Nach, ipher]
  • SDL: Begin support for HQ3X and 4X, support will have to wait for a bit while I fix something else. [pagefault]
  • W_S: Netplay fixes round 4. [Nach]
  • ALL: Init'd a ton of sound vars. [Nach]
  • ALL: Rewind backups more sound vars. [Nach]
  • ALL: Cleaned up debug. [Nach]
  • ALL: SRAMPath should be fixed for good now. [Nach]
  • GUI: Added "# of rewind states" dummy option to Save Options. [ipher]
  • SRC: Added release grade parameter. [Nach]
  • SRC: Fixed platform changes during compile. [Nach]
  • SRC: Fixed an error from using search and replace without checking.

February 07 2005 WIP

  • D_W: Fixed SRAM path saving when loaded from config file. [Nach]
  • W_S: Even lower CPU utilization in GUI, this is a really quick and dirty fix [pagefault]
  • W_S: F1/F3 menu's now included in CPU usage fix [pagefault]
  • WIN: Begin support of the debugger. [pagefault]
  • SDL: Fixed video change freeze problems. [Nach]
  • ALL: Fixed register overwriting when using Check SRAM+Save. [Nach]
  • ALL: Fixed loading of sound off. [Nach]
  • ALL: Fix some ZMV bugs. [pagefault]
  • ALL: Fixed some bizarre sprite corruption bugs in some squaresoft games. [pagefault]
  • ALL: Fixed video fail restore. [Nach]
  • ALL: Removed some unneeded code that only slowed things down. [Nach]
  • ALL: Netplay fixes round 3. [pagefault, Nach]
  • ALL: Align more data. [Nach, pagefault]
  • GUI: Changed video change key to spacebar. [Nach]
  • SRC: Added CPU parameter for specific CPU optimizations. [Nach]
  • SRC: Something to help our porting of code from assembly to C. [Nach]
  • SRC: By annoying bordering on moronic demand, added win32-unix-shell. [Nach]
  • SRC: Merged ztcp. [Nach]
  • SRC: Removed src/video/2xsaiw.inc [Nach]

February 02 2005 WIP

  • ALL: Rewind uses less RAM [Nach]
  • ALL: Netplay fixes round 2 [grinvader, Nach]
  • SRC: Ported asm to C [Aerdan, grinvader, Nach]
  • ALL: Removed unused code, sped up ZSNES [grinvader, Nach]
  • GUI: Updated about box. [pagefault]
  • GUI: Thumbnail for save states is now only generated if there. [Nach]

January 31 2005 WIP

  • SRC: No longer need GNUWIN32 patch to compile ZSNESW with MinGW, thanks TRAC. [Nach]
  • SRC: Port of statesaver/stateloader to C [grinvader]
  • SRC: Code cleanup. [grinvader, Nach]
  • W_S: Fix GUI using 100% cpu [pagefault]
  • SDL: Added 1600x1200 ODS Full [grinvader]
  • W_D: Added debug build support for MS ports. [Nach]
  • GUI: Fixed bilinear filter in GUI [grinvader]
  • ALL: Cleaned up C4 a bit, fixed Op22. [Nach]
  • ALL: Readded corrected noise frequencies. [TRAC]
  • ALL: Removed emms instruction from RestoreCVFrame becuase it's not needed and just slows down things [pagefault]
  • ALL: Fix starfox speed and a number of superfx issues for now [pagefault]
  • ALL: Init DMA values to FF, thanks Overload [pagefault]
  • ALL: Added info on load if ROM is patched. Fixed a minor code error in the proccess. [Nach]
  • ALL: .data was not aligned, probably causing weird bugs [pagefault]
  • ALL: Proper behaviour of H-IRQ when V-IRQ is active [pagefault]
  • ALL: Overhauld save states and rewind (thanks grinvader). [Nach]
  • ALL: SRAM load from Save toggle now in effect. [Nach, ipher]
  • ALL: We are now vPre 1.43. [Nach]
  • ALL: Netplay Fixes: Round 1 [grinvader, Nach]